Robby Clifford joined Fifteen58 Management as a partner and Head of Sports at the firm. A Los Angeles native, Robby earned his academic degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Law from the University of Southern California (USC). Embarking on his professional journey at CAA Sports, he contributed significantly over the past five years, displaying versatility across all various departments of CAA Sports. Robby played a pivotal role in facilitating a spectrum of deals, investments, events and management opportunities.

His tenure at CAA Sports saw him acting as day-to-day manager for eminent personalities such as DK Metcalf, Will Levis, Bryce Young, Chris Paul, Karl-Anthony Towns, D’Angelo Russell and numerous others. Robby’s responsibilities extended to managing their endorsing and marketing deals, overseeing media appearances, and actively participating in business development while meticulously forecasting investment opportunities.

Robby’s organizational prowess came to the fore as he orchestrated and executed high-level events and media campaigns for CAA Sports and its esteemed clientele. Renowned as a dot connector, Robby has cultivated an extensive network of associations with brands, collectives, marketing agencies, media entities and hospitality groups throughout his career.

His professional philosophy centers on authentic client engagement, wherein he forges genuine connections, comprehends client needs, and generates deals, business opportunities, and investments that resonate with a client’s authentic self. Robby Clifford, in essence, transcends the conventional agent-client relationship – encompassing a familial bond that underscores his commitment to the holistic success and well-being of those under his purview.

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