Manoj Gandhi is a Fifteen58 partner and counsel.  For over a decade, he worked at Akin Gump as an intellectual property litigator, protecting and advocating for the creative and intellectual rights of his clients.  At Fifteen58, Manoj works with athletes to monetize their on and off field talents but also provides key guidance to develop an NIL strategy that aligns with the athlete’s values and interests.  In that role, he serves as a savvy negotiator to obtain the best deals for his clients and also reviews their contracts to ensure fundamental rights are protected.Post-athletics, Karl leveraged these qualities to establish Poehls & Associates, a venture dedicated to nurturing startups. Beyond providing capital, Karl's hands-on approach and personal connection with entrepreneurs distinguish the firm. His commitment to sharing the transformative lessons from his athletic journey underscores his belief that success in business, much like in sports, is not just about financial gains but also about instilling a culture of innovation, mentorship, and unwavering determination.

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