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Ramon Walker
University of Houston
DJ Reader
Cincinnati Bengals
Cameron Ward
Washington State Cougars
Zion Taylor
University of Houston
Davin Bellamy
DC Defenders
Mason Gilbert
Seward Community College

Our Services

Contract Support

Our team brings a compelling track record of successful negotiations, capitalizing on our business, financial, and legal experience to ensure our athletes secure the most favorable terms and maximized opportunities.

Marketing & PR

We are well versed in NCAA and university rules and dedicated to providing our clients the guidance necessary to safeguard eligibility.  We help our clients stay informed and ahead of the game in the ever-changing NIL landscape.

Media Relations

We help our athletes build brands and businesses.  Our agents work to know our clients' passions and interests to maximize their brand partnerships and off-the-field earning potential.  Our sales team works to implement a marketing strategy designed to ensure the success of all of our clients and to grow their online and offline presence and audience.

NCAA Compliance

The Fifteen58 team leverages the successes in sports, business, media, finance, and technology to holistically craft strategies that fit our athlete’s aspirations on and off the field.

Career Management

Our team works with our clients to build comfort and confidence in relations with the media and to establish a strong, positive public image throughout our clients' careers.  We help to seek out media opportunities to grow our clients' image.

Financial Education & Management

Fifteen58’s team has comprehensive financial and tax knowledge to help our clients save money and efficiently build wealth.  

Firebrand Media X Fifteen58

Our company is a division of Firebrand Media, a full-fledged film and TV production company, which directly benefits our clients in their content creation and in amplifying their media presence and access

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